MetaSeeder - #1 Metamask Wallet Vault Data Extraction Tool

MetaSeeder Alpha 0.5.0
Released: Oct 27, 2022

This is an UHQ Web Based Tool
Features Unlimited Log Checks
Preview Limited To 1 File At A Time

More Previews Coming Soon:
Combo Manipulation Tools
Ultimate URLs
Plus Many Tools & Checkers!
All Tools Are Web Based!

• No Shady Downloads/Programs
• No Logging of Data Input/Output
• All Tools Function Client Side

Account Maybe Required For Full Access
Once Full Version Is Launched

Leak.Tools Does NOT Promote or Support the Theft of Crypto Wallets/Coins/NFTs or THEFT OF ANY ITEMS! Tool for Educational Purposes!
376 Successful Extractions (Since Oct 27, 2022)

You Still Need The Orginal Wallet Password To Decrypt The Recovery Phrase! Check Every Password In Your Log
Click Here To Copy Vault Data & Load Vault Decryptor

If you want to load a new log file, reload the page